As business owners & organizational management, you must hold yourself & your businesses to a specific standard as well as expect the same from your employees. To achieve this, it is vital to conduct background verification & checks to ensure that you are hiring honest, transparent candidates with high integrity. This helps make sure that your applicants meet requirements that are essential to a position that needs filling and that you are hiring someone that is better for the future of your organization.

Negligent hiring can turn disastrous for your organization if your new employee happens to have a detrimental record criminally or with regards to character & behavior. Background checks and identity verifications ensure that you have conducted your due diligence by checking the character & details of people you are hiring; prevention is always better than punishment!

The importance of hiring begins with knowing who you are choosing to join your team. As a part of the Modern India Group and a leading employee verification company, we at Verifacts are a team that is eager to help you stay safe, secure & smart. Founded by an ex-army officer that holds high values of integrity, morality, ethics and honest hard work, Verifacts is the agency you need by your side when it comes to smart & careful hiring.

With a range of services that can be chosen individually or clubbed into packages, we provide a wholesome experience that allows you to pick & choose details that you wish to verify for your candidates. Whether it is Education, Employment, Address, Criminal or unique details like character & behavioral patterns at previous educational institutions and offices, Psychometric Services, Fingerprint scans for identity, or Social Media Profiling, we are here to take care of your needs!

Our offices span over 8 states of India and we offer pan-India service delivery to make background checks and identity verifications accessible, wherever you are. With our partners overseas, we offer international screening services to help widen the scope for detailed searches, for you. With an industry experience of over 12 years, we cater to top-tier clients and multitudes of smaller-level businesses too. No company is too small to conduct a background verification; after all, every organization should be clear about their hiring processes.

Our modern online platform helps clients access details about their cases as well as track the status in a timely manner. Downloading of progress trackers & accessing final reports at the click of a button makes Verifacts one of the best agencies to have by your side when it comes to careful hiring. Our client HR team allows candidates to upload cases & details from their own end too!

Verifacts has established a robust IT infrastructure with all Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery procedures in place. Our Apex server and standby 1 to Apex is located
in Bangalore and the Standby 2 to the Apex is in Hyderabad. This is to ensure that in case of any disaster at our HQ, the business is not affected. At the same time, each branch has a main server and stands by the main server. We have also tested our system’s capability against hacking by conducting penetration tests.

We also are proud to have a 100% client retention record which indicates that we adhere to strict TAT & Quality reports. All our reports go through a strenuous 3 level QC before being sent to the client.

A fast-track approach helps us compartmentalize our cases depending on priority. In case the majority of the cases are high-priority, our Special Ops team steps in and adopts a fast-track approach to achieve all goals in time. As an agency that is known for its thought process, our team works hard to leave no stone unturned when it comes to vetting your applicants for safe & secure hiring.

A team is always in place to check client feedback and follow up to understand how their experiences with the firm were and what areas of improvement can be worked upon. Our agency looks forward to helping organizations in need of clarity & transparency, and we strive to spread awareness of background checks and their importance in day-to-day function at any organization.

Prevention is always better than punishment, and the team at Verifacts strives to ensure that you hire right in the first go itself!

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