Psychometric Check

There is always a recruitment risk of making an incorrect hire who may not be of stable mind, may not fit the bill for a required mindset or a set of personality traits that the job role requires.

To mitigate the risk of a wrong hire, Verifacts conducts Psychometric testing through an online test in the form of a questionnaire which is customisable in accordance with the job profile. The test is a combination of an aptitude and personality tests which is aimed at measuring an applicant’s relevant strengths and weaknesses, gauging their cognitive abilities and can detect aberrations and undesirable personality traits in the applicant. Our experts draw an analysis based on the answers to find job-relevant information about the applicant which an interview may not be able to cover.


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Verifacts is a highly trusted, global facing , Background Verification firm. We persevere to reduce the unknown and mitigate risks for our clients.

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