Education Check

This check ensures and confirms authenticity of the education credentials and document produced by a Candidate. We have experienced over the time that a lot of Candidates fake their education qualification by one or the other way in order to grab a dream job. Such discrepancies are caught by contacting the relevant authority at the education institute and a report highlighting such discrepancy is shared with a client.

The authenticity of the Education institution is also examined against our database in terms of whether it is authorized to operate by a concern government body like UGC and AICTE.

Employment details are taken and confirmed verbally thrVerification is carried out verbally through a telephonic conversation or details are taken during a personal visit from the applicant’s education institute. Calls logs are maintained as a supporting and photographs of the institute in case of a physical visit.ugh a telephonic conversation with HR or owner of the given company. Calls logs are maintained as a supporting and are shared as and when required by the client for the audit purpose.
Verification is either obtained on Email from the official Email ID of the College/University or procured on a letter head dully stamped and signed by the institute.
An education document is duly stamped and signed by the college/University authorities confirming its genuineness.
Verbal verification is done in case written is taking time and report is needed urgently for a decision to be taken on a candidate
Written ensures zero variation and therefore is processed to maintain compliance.
Stamp verification is a middle route of written and Verbal process and is processed when a client is compliant for a written check but needs it in a relatively lower TAT than a Written mode.
7-10 WD
14-30 WD
10-15 WD


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